about us

Serving our community since 1998.

Our Focus

Delivering direct aid to Pontiac families in need.


Delivering food to the families we serve in Pontiac on Saturdays.


Sourcing and organizing food, clothing, and other household supplies for delivery.


Working to foster literacy through our Book Buddy program.


Direct cash assistance to help with issues like rent, utility bills, and more.

On the Move is a 501c3 that started as Girls Matter in 1998. For eight years, Girls Matter organized conferences for girls and parents on empowerment issues, with conference attendance growing to 700 girls and parents. During the next phase, Girls Matter provided empowerment programs for schools and camps in areas of poverty. The organization grew into Kids Empowered: On the Move (KEOM). For the last several years, KEOM has organized Surviving the Social Jungle and Growing Up: 2020 conferences for kids and parents. When COVID-19 hit, founder Kimber Bishop-Yanke, as the Chair for the Oakland County Task Force on Poverty and Homelessness, began organizing food deliveries to 250 food-insecure families. As Kimber and the amazing team of volunteers got to know the families and their needs, the efforts expanded into delivering furniture and clothing, and meeting other needs, including delivering birthday cakes! To further support families, Kimber launched Sponsor-a-Family for Christmas that provided gifts for 175 families, a book buddy reading program to promote literacy for elementary students, and an Easter Basket and Meal delivery program.

Kimber Bishop-Yanke

Executive director
Kimber Bishop-Yanke is the Founder of Kids Empowered LLC and Kids Empowered: On the Move, 501c3. Kimber has spent over 22 years providing empowerment programs to thousands of kids, parents, and teachers nationally and internationally in six countries. As a social entrepreneur, Kimber is the Chair of the Oakland County Task Force on Homelessness and Poverty. Kimber has participated in nine mission trips; has organize eight containers of medical equipment, soccer, and school supplies shipped to Kenya; has organized eight Kids Against Hunger events and shipped thousands of meals to Kenya and Yemen; and has run two marathons to raise money to build wells for clean water in Kenya. Kimber has helped raise over half a million dollars to build cafeterias for 1,000 children, buy a school bus, and develop a soccer field for children in Kenya. Over the last year, Kimber and a team of volunteers have delivered food for 48 Saturdays to 100-250 families. Over $50,000 has been raised to buy beds and bedding for children, pay rent, and meet other basic needs. Over 150 families have received furniture. Kimber is the mother of Kai and Keegan and stepmother of Taylor.